Mbuyazi Group (MG)

Ownership and Management

The firm was established by previously disadvantaged qualified and registered
professionals who are also involved in the management of the day to day
operations and marketing of the business in conjunction with the technical
management team.

We operate using accepted computer systems linked by a network, which is
compatible for both technical and financial operational packages.


Mbuyazi Group boasts strategic partnerships with a number of credible consulting firms within the engineering and built environments. These mutually beneficial partnerships further reinforce the firm’s overall capacity to deliver on a wide range of projects within the engineering and built environments.

Company Speciality

❑ Minathi Consulting Engineers Consulting and Project Management
Tel: +27 35 753 1027
❑ Striving Mind Trading Civil, Construction, and Building
Tel: +27 35 789 4784
❑ Globalnaas (Pty) Ltd Engineering Professional Services
Tel: +27 76 053 2086
❑ Maxluck Trading General Building & Housing Projects
Tel: +27 82 099 1832

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